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Chehel Sotoon Palace | ShopiPersia

Chehel Sotoon Palace

Isfahan Chehelstone Palace is one of the historical monuments of Isfahan. The forty-column palace, which has an area of 67,000 square meters, began its construction during the reign of Shah Abbas I and a mansion was built in the middle of it. Shah Abbas I built a pavilion in the…

Naqsh-e Jahan Square

Naqsh-e Jahan Square

Naghsh Jahan Square is also famous with the historical name of Shah Square and after the Iranian Revolution of 1978 with the official name of Imam Square, the central square of Isfahan, which is located in the heart of the historical complex of Naghsh Jahan. Naghsh Jahan Square was registered…

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque | ShopiPersia

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (built in 1602-1619 AD) is one of the historical and well-known mosques in Isfahan, on the eastern side of Naghsh Jahan Square, which was built during the Safavid period. This mosque is a masterpiece of architecture and tiling of the 11th century AH, which was built by…

Online Islamic/Shia Shopping Store

Online Islamic/Shia Shopping Store

Islam is a creative, monotheistic and Abrahamic religion. Followers of Islam are called “Muslims”. Islam currently ranks second in the world in terms of ideological followers, with an official number of 1.8 billion followers, after the Christian population and before atheists. Muslims believe that God gave the Qur’an to Muhammad,…

Types of Persian (Iranian) Rugs Carpets

Types of Persian (Iranian) Rugs

Different Types of Persian (Iranian) Rugs – Carpets Based on Style and material There are many types of Iranian hand-woven carpets. Variety in production method, size, material, quality, elegance, subtlety, and variety of design, color, and appearance and structural differences have all caused Iranian hand-woven carpets to have special products,…

Darius the Great Persian King

Darius the Great Persian King

Darius Darius I, or Darius the Great, was the fourth Achaemenid emperor, son of Vishtasp, wife of Atossa and son-in-law of Cyrus the Great.  He ascended the throne in 522 BC, with the help of several elders of seven Persian aristocratic families, killing Gaumat the Magian. He then suppressed internal…

Achaemenid Empire | ShopiPersia

Achaemenid Empire

The Achaemenid Empire (Ancient Persian: Xšāça, “Imperial” – 550-330 BC), known as the Persian Empire in Western literature, was an ancient Persian empire founded by Cyrus the Great. This government encompassed almost the entire civilized world of that time, and therefore the Achaemenid Empire was the first and only government…

Women’s Clothing | ShopiPersia

Traditional Women’s Clothing of Southern Iran

khaleeji Women’s Clothing Iran is a vast land and its ethnic diversity is very high, Therefore, there are different clothes for each ethnic group, But one of these clothes that is very famous is the women’s clothes of Hormozgan province, Which is very similar to Arabian-Khaleeji women’s clothing Jelbil Khosi…

Safavid Empire (Safavid Dynasty)

Safavid Empire (Safavid Dynasty)

Safavid Empire The Safavids were an Iranian and Shia dynasty who ruled Iran for 235 years from 880 to 1114 A.D. (1148–907 A.D. and 1736–1501 CE). The Safavid Empire was founded by Shah Ismail I, who was crowned in Tabriz in 880 AH, and the last Safavid king was Shah…

Zoroastrianism | ShopiPersia


Zoroaster or Zoroastrianism Zoroaster was an Iranian religious leader and reformer, philosopher and poet. He taught his followers that existence is the battlefield of the forces of good and evil, and the man is free to choose his place in this struggle. His teachings are the core of Mazdisna. The…

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