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You Want to Order A Product from Iran !!!!

You can use the services of ShopiPersia to order your desired products or services that is produced in Iran or sold on Iranian websites through the following order registration form and paying the cost of your services through our payment portals such as Bank transfer (S.W.I.F.T), Paypal or Rial.

How to Buy From Iran ?

It is easy !!! Just fill the below form and submit your request so that we can inform you of the terms and costs of purchase & delivery to your country.
ShopiPersia Group has no restrictions on sending goods, souvenirs & gifts and has the ability to send goods to all countries.

What Can I Buy/Order From Iran ?

Iranian products are artisanal handicrafts unique to each city and made with lots of love. While walking through the bazaars is a feast for the eyes, it can become overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for. Check out our list of the best souvenirs to buy from Iran to bring a part of this unforgettable country back home with you, but if you wish you could order a product from another website or are looking for a special product, you can order them by filling below form.

Wholesale order from Iran !

If you are a wholesaler and searching for a supplier in Iran, we suggest you “Persian Gulf Trading Co.” which is located in the South of Iran and exports a wide range of Products from Iran to worldwide and Arabian Countries.

Terms & Conditions

Like any other groups or companies, ShopiPersia has its own terms & conditions which are requested from our customers to read the rules carefully before filling & submitting the below form. Registering an order on ShopiPersia website means accepting all the following conditions:

1) ShopiPersia Group will buy the product or service you want on your behalf. Orders for goods weighing less than 20 kg will be sent by post and sent directly to the address you entered in the order registration form.
2) In different countries, depending on the goods ordered and their value may be subject to customs laws, in which case all work related to the clearance of goods is in the responsibility of the buyer.
3) Orders for goods weighing more than 20 kg will be sent by air mail and will be sent to the nearest airport to the address that entered in the order registration form. Therefore, the customer is obliged to go to the airport to perform the clearance process.
4) All orders under 30 kg must be paid within 2 days after the final price is determined.
5) All orders over 20 kg must deposit the amount of 50 Euros or its equivalent in Rials within 2 days through the PayPal or Online Payment with credit card portal. After inquiring about the price according to the destination country, the buyer is obliged to pay the total amount of the order within a maximum of 1 week.
6) In case of any problem in fulfilling orders under 30 kg (no goods or no seller) we will contact you or the entire amount will be returned to your PayPal account.
7) In case of any problem in fulfilling orders under 30 kg (no goods or no seller) you will be contacted or the entire amount will be returned to your PayPal account.
8) We are exempt from buying and sending goods that are in conflict with the laws of Iran.
9) Please read the product or service specifications thoroughly before buying the product. ShopiPersia is not responsible for your customized goods, and if according to the seller, it is possible to return the goods, you should pay attention to below 3 points:

  • According to online sales standards, in all cases, the cost of returning the goods is with the buyer.
  • All costs such as Fees, postage, insurance or taxes paid on receipt of the goods are non-refundable, and ultimately only the cost of the goods themselves will be refunded to the seller if the seller accepts the return.
  • In case of return of defective goods and re-sending the replacement goods, the cost of re-sending is the responsibility of the seller or the buyer, and ShopiPersia has no responsibility for re-sending.

Do you need anything from Iran !!!
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