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Ney Anban allows the musician to store the air needed to play in a bag or barn, thus producing an uninterrupted sound. . Ney-Nay Anban is a native instrument that is often played at weddings and banquets. This instrument is the most famous musical instrument in southern Iran. Instrument that has a special position in Bushehr, Khuzestan, Hormozgan and Kerman provinces.

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Ney-Nay Anban Bagpipes

Ney-anbān, is a type of bagpipe which is popular in southern Iran, especially around Bushehr. The term ney-anban literally means “bag pipe”, but more specifically can refer to a type of droneless double-chantered bagpipes played in Southern Iran. The structure of the main body of the Nayanban is the same as the Nay-e jofti which is attached to a tank of air. This tank is made of a goatskin and provides the player with the needed air for blowing. The Neyanban is usually played in the happy occasions. The Neyanban with a little difference in shape also exists in Europe especially in Scotland where it is known as bagpipe.

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