Jofthi Ney for Persian Ney Anban Bagpipes


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Jofti Ney is the main source of Ney Anban sound and of course it is also used as a separate instrument. Jofti Ney is also used to practice playing Ney Anban. Ney Anban allows the musician to store the air needed to play in a bag or barn, thus producing an uninterrupted sound. Ney-Nay Anban is a native instrument that is often played at weddings and banquets. This instrument is the most famous musical instrument in southern Iran. Instrument that has a special position in Bushehr, Khuzestan, Hormozgan and Kerman provinces.

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Jofthi Ney

Jofti Ney or Ney Jofti is an inflatable instrument made of wood or bone, in which two numbers are placed next to each other. For thousands of years, this instrument has been an important instrument of happiness in large areas of the Middle East. Abu Nasr al-Farabi in the fourth century AH (950 AD) identified two examples of it and illustrated it in his book of music. The master musicians played percussion with this instrument in a way that was very rhythmic and moving. In the book “Iran, the cradle of knowledge and art”, written by Mohammad Ali Imam Shoushtari, quoting the book of music by Abu Nasr Farabi, he mentions an old instrument called “Doviani” or “Jofti Ney” which was one of the common instruments of Iranians before Islam.

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