12 Rounded Muslim Shia Mohr Turbah Prayer Stone


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These Muslim Shia praying stonesMohr“, decorated with the name of the third Imam, Ya Hussain. We will send you a set of 12 of these praying stones. Pray in remembrance of Imam Hussein. The soil of Karbala is a piece of paradise in which God Almighty has placed blessings, virtue and healing in order to appreciate a devotee in the way of religion who sacrificed his whole being.

  • Dimensions: 4×4 cm
  • Pack(s): 12 Pcs
  • Material: Soil of Karbala

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Shia “Mohr” Turbah Prayer Stone

Muslim Turbah Prayer Stone or Mohr, is a piece of molded stone or soil on which the Shia Muslims place their foreheads during Praying. According to the Shia Muslims, Praying on the Turbah is not obligatory; Rather, Praying on the ground, soil, stones and what comes out of the ground (except food and clothing) is correct. According to the hadiths, Praying on the soil of Imam Hussein (AS) is recommended. They made Turbah or Mohr from the soil or stone of Karbala and  prayed  on it. Turbah Stones are made of soil and come in different shapes and sizes. Shia Muslims make Mohr from any soil and stone for Praying. But Mohr is usually made from the Soil of Karbala and other religious cities such as Mashhad and Qom. ShopiPersia is the largest website for selling religious supplies. We provide everything you need. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions4x4 cm
Approximate weight50 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Pack Quantity12
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