Stackable Muslim Prayer Chair with Table


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This Stackable Prayer Chair has the ability to adjust the height. The table and chair are both Stackable and can be folded after praying so that it does not take up much space. At the bottom of the table page, there is a box for placing Turbah, rugs, etc. The body of this table is made of metal profiles and in addition to style, it has high strength and durability.

  • Szie: 32x42x78 cm
  • Material: Wooden + Metal
  • Stackable: Yes

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Stackable Muslim Prayer Chair

Stackable Muslim Prayer Chair with Table is suitable for people who are not able to pray while standing for any reason. If you can not pray standing or sitting, this Stackable Muslim Prayer Chair with Table will be suitable for you and there will be no pressure on your ankles. Muslims pray three times a day. During the Pray, Muslims pray first standing and later kneeling or sitting on the ground. Unfortunately, with age, it is not possible to bend due to physical problems. People who are unable to pray standing up due to illness or old age can do so sitting down. A Muslim should not allow his prayers to be missed. Hence, Muslims need to prayers sitting down. ShopiPersia, is the biggest Online Islamic Store. Buy Stackable Muslim Prayer Chair with confidence at ShopiPersia.

Dimensions32x42x78 cm
Approximate weight8000 Gram
Place of productionIran
MaterialWooden + Metal
Handling time7 Days
Other DetailsThe table and chairs are both Stackable
The table can be adjusted in height
Has a box under the page to put Turbah, rosaries, prayer beads, tents and ..
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