• Saharkhiz Saffron Black Tea Pack Of 20 (7x)

    Saharkhiz Saffron Tea Bags (7 Packs)

    This Pack of Black Tea with Saffron Tea Bags is an excellent choice for quick brewing of black tea with saffron flavor. Try the taste of Iranian tea with Saffron. A delicious evening with Persian tea. On a cold day, there is nothing better than drinking a cup of soothing tea with a unique taste.

    • Flavour: Saffron
    • Form: Tea Bags
    • Origin: Iran
    • Type: Black Tea
    • Persian Title: چای کیسه ای زعفرانی سحرخیز
  • Saharkhiz Dried Persian Barberry (Zereshk)

    Saharkhiz Dried Barberry “Zereshk” 600 Gram

    These Dried Persian Barberry are one of the most unique Iranian condiments. This condiment can give a delicious taste to your food or be added as an additive to your juices and teas. The Semi-Sour taste of Barberry has made them one of the most popular condiment.

    • Approximate weight: 600 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Taste: Sour
    • Sugar Content: No Added Sugar
    • Persian Title: زرشک
  • Saharkhiz Dried Golden Plum

    Saharkhiz Dried Golden Plum 800 Gram


    These Whole Dried Golden Plums are one of the most delicious Iranian dried fruits. These dried fruits are large and have a sour texture that has a delicious taste. Iranian fruits are very enchanting and will fascinate you. Discover a world of new flavors and tastes.

    • Approximate weight: 800 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Type: Dried Fruits
    • Form: Whole
    • Sugar Content: No Added Sugar
  • Saharkhiz Dried Lime Slices 700 Gram

    Dried Persian Lime Peel “Lemon” 700 Gram

    Dried Persian Lime Peel cut is a great ingredient for foods, stew, cake making particularly fruit cake or lemon drizzle. Sometimes a recipe requires lemon peel as an ingredient and this product is perfect. It is full of Vitamin C and Promotes the Healthy Digestion System.

    • Approximate weight: 700 Gram
    • Place of production: Iran
    • Form: Crushed
    • Drying Method: Dehydrated
    • Persian Title: پرک لیمو
  • Crystal Clear Rock Saffron Candy On Stick "Nabat Zard"

    Saharkhiz Saffron Crystal Rock Candy “Nabat”

    This Box of Persian Saffron Rock Candy Crystal Known as Nabat Zard or Nabate Saffrony, is made with Natural Saffron Flavor. A delicious Rock Candy with a great and unique taste & aroma that will surprise you. A great surprise if you serve it in your coffee shop or restaurant. Try it with tea or coffee, it’s amazing.

    • Approximate weight: 150×5 Gram
    • Pack(s): 5 Boxes
    • Form: Rock Candy – Nabat
    • Flavor: Saffron
    • Persian Title: نبات زعفرانی سحرخیز
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