Saharkhiz Dried Lime Slices 700 Gram

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Buy Saharkhiz Dried Lime Slices online at low prices every day from one of Iranian’s largest Grocery Store. Premium quality & Organic Dried Lime from Saharkhiz Company.

  • 700 Gram
  • Type: Dried & Slices

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Dried Lemon

Dried lime, also known as black lime, noomi basra (Iraq), limoo amani (Iran), and loomi (Oman), is a lime that has lost its water content, usually after having spent a majority of its drying time in the sun. They are used whole, sliced, or ground, as a spice in Middle Eastern dishes. Dried Lemon is a common spice in most kitchens that has tremendous health benefits. Dried Lime Slices are also used to flavor tea.

8 Benefits To Using Omani Lemon 
  • Prevents Heart Disease. Contains beneficial potassium components excellent for heart muscles as it strengthens and regulates the pumping of blood.
  • Promotes A Healthy Digestion System
  • It’s A Brilliant Detox Agent.
  • It Has Anti-Cancer Properties.
  • Has A Ton Of Minerals.
  • It Packs Vitamin C.
  • A Great Source For Vitamin D.
Approximate weight700 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
TypeDried & Slices
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