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  • The Coast of Utopia: Voyage Play by Tom Stoppard


    The Coast of Utopia is a 2002 trilogy of plays: Voyage, Shipwreck, and Salvage, written by Tom Stoppard with focus on the philosophical debates in pre-revolution Russia between 1833 and 1866. … The openings of Shipwreck and Salvage followed on 8 July, and 19 July, completing its run on 23 November 2002.

  • Picasso’s Animals Book by Boris Friedewald


    This beautifully designed book is filled with illustrations and photographs of the many animals in Picasso’s life—those he painted and drew, as well as those he loved. One of the few under-examined aspects of Picasso’s life and work was his love of animals.

  • The Angels of Paul Klee Book by Boris Friedewal


    Paul Klee painted angels for his entire life and here the author Boris Friedewald describes their creation and their meaning in Klee’s: from the Christ child Paul Klee painted at the age of five, through cheerful and witty angels such as the “Forgetful Angel” up to the famous “Angelus Novus” who accompanied Walter Benjamin into exile and the “Doubting Angel” Paul Klee drew the year he died.

  • The Terminal Beach Book by J. G. Ballard (Farsi)


    “The Terminal Beach”: A man who does not come to terms with the premature death of his wife and son steals away onto an island of Eniwetok, once used for testing nuclear weapons. Between the decaying buildings on the island, the reader follows his mental and physical decline.

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