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  • Persian Cooking For Dummies (Ashpazi Irani)

    Persian Cooking For Dummies (Ashpazi Irani)


    The smell of good food from the colorful Iranian table! Eating is essential for survival. The presence of aristocratic and large kitchens in the court of the Persian kings and even the old houses known as the “Matbakh” confirms that the Iranians attached special importance to food and eating. They also had special eating etiquettes, which confirm the importance of the Iranian table for Iranians. This importance has been maintained to this day, and the spread of colorful table, despite the shrinking of kitchens and reduced leisure time due to economic and social problems, is still part of Iranian customs.

  • Encyclopedia of Iranian Cuisine by Sanaz Minaie (2 Vols)

    Encyclopedia of Iranian Cuisine by Sanaz Minaie (2 Vols)

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    The encyclopedia of Iranian cuisine is the result of 4 decades of research by Sanazsania. This comprehensive and high-quality book contains 700 authentic Iranian recipes and educational videos ranging from Iranian breakfasts to main dishes such as pilaf and stew, kebab, soup, meatballs, jam and cocoa to seasoning and salt and pickle, all with tips and Specialized techniques are taught. In all the recipes of the cooking section, according to Sanazsania, the focus is on the correct principles of cooking and creating a unique taste.

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