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A collection of more than 1000+ Persian Style Handicrafts. An attractive collection of the best

The Most Beautiful Crafts with Persian Style

Artistic handicrafts with attractive Iranian designs that are unique in their kind. Create an attractive decoration inspired by authentic Iranian art. The best accessories for gift giving.

The Most Beautiful Game Boards

Backgammon & Chess Boards with attractive designs remind you of something special every time you look at them. Experience beautiful moments

Handcrafted Backgammon Sets

Choose from our wide range of luxury backgammons. They are beautifully decorated with authentic Iranian art to create a luxury product. Backgammon and chess boards that have a high artistic value.

Persian Backgammon | ShopiPersia
Persian Backgammon | ShopiPersia
Persian Backgammon | ShopiPersia
Decorative Plates | ShopiPersia
Decorative Pottery Plates
Pottery Sclupture | ShopiPersia
Pottery Figurines
Pottery Wall Art | ShopiPersia
Pottery Wall Hanging

See the Oriental art in Iranian tiles

Persian Handicrafts Store

Persian handicrafts are one of the richest artistic heritage in the history of the world. Iranian Handmade Products with their unique patterns and drawings, show the art and History of Iran and have global reputations. Iranian Handicrafts, which include various industries such as carpet weaving, engraving, Khatamkari, miniatures, etc., are among the most magnificent works of Persian art. If you are looking for an Online Persian Handicraft Store, be sure to visit ShopiPersia. Buy Iranian Handicrafts Online from one of the biggest Handicraft Products Store that offer a wide range of Products. All of Products that are offered on our Online Store are made by Iranian artists by spending hours of time. Shop from a wide range of beautiful, handcrafted products from the finest Iranian artisans. Explore a wide range of Handmade Products and discover everything you need. We Ship Worldwide.

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