Rose Water Sprinklers

Rosewater sprinklers with a traditional look will give a special beauty to your showcase. Rose Water Sprinklers have a special place in Iranian culture and can be found in almost all Iranian houses. Persian Rose Water Sprinkler is a piece of history. Placing one of them on the table or on the showcase in the house creates a beautiful atmosphere. A bottle made in the same way thousands of years ago and integrated with Iranian art. Pear-shaped sprinklers with a long spout. In ShopiPersia, we have collected the most beautiful Rose Water Sprinklers. Designed and made by Isfahani artists. The depressions and protrusions on the surface give them a double beauty that is more visible against light reflection. The colors used are very beautiful and happy, which conveys a sense of life and happiness to the environment. Buy a unique Persian Rose Water Sprinkler directly from Iran. We Ship Worldwide.

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