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Islamic clothes, which are in fact the identity and symbol of Muslims, have received much attention in the fashion industry due to their beauty in design. These clothes are the common clothing of the people of Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. Muslim fashion designers and artists have designed these clothes in such a beautiful way that they will catch the eye of every viewer. Clothes that complement your hijab but show your beauty properly. The beauty that befits a Muslim. The Prophet of Islam has always encouraged Muslims to be beautiful and neat. In ShopiPersia, we have collected the most beautiful clothes for Muslims. Clothes designed and sewn by Iranian artists. A unique collection of shawls and scarves to all kinds of robes and mantos. check out our Islamic Clothing Category and experience a pleasant online shopping with us. We ship worldwide.

  • Dishdasha - Arabic Muslim Wear For Men

    Dishdasha Arab Wear For Men

    This Dishdasha is available in different colors. The fabric used to sew this robe is high quality Borujerd Tetron Fabric. A common dress used by Iranian Arabs & Mullahs. The material and good quality of this Thawb creates a suitable cover for you.

    • Material: Tetron & Fastoni fabrics
    • Suitable for: Men
    • Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL
    • Washability: Yes
    • Season: All seasons
  • Hajj Ihram Clothing for Women Size Medium

    Hajj Ihram Clothing for Women Size Medium

    This complete set of Ihram clothes is suitable for women. A complete set that includes shirt, pants, Chador and Maghnaeh. The high-quality fabric and white color of this dress are liked by women. With this set, you can have a complete hijab at the same time.

    • Suitable for: Women
    • Washability: Yes, by hand or Machine
    • Material: Tetoron Fabric
    • Color: White
    • Place of production: Iran
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