Bushehri Cloak Special Arab Dress for Men


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If you are looking for a stylish and unique cloak, we suggest this handmade Bushehri cloak. This Cloak is a luxury abaya that is woven using natural camel wool. The material and good quality of this robe creates a suitable cover for you. It will be sewn according to your size.

  • Material: Camel Wool
  • Suitable for: Men
  • Color: Brown, Black, Dark brown, Cream & White
  • Washability: Yes
  • Season: All seasons

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Bushehri Cloak

Bushehri Cloak is a special is one of the traditional Arab dress for men that considered as a four-season cloak. This Cloak woven in traditional workshops by using camel wool. This Cloak is the most unique dress that is considered by the sheikhs of the Persian Gulf countries. The main reason for welcoming this Cloak is its elegance and quality. A special method is used in preparing the yarn and weaving this dress. The art-craft of weaving Cloak in Bushehr dates back to more than 350 years. It takes about three months to make a good cloak. All the processes including spinning wool and turning it into yarn and fabric are done by hand. One-year-old camel wool, which is the best and most suitable type of wool, is cut in the spring and spun by women with spindles.

Place of productionIran
MaterialCamel Wool
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forMen
Other DetailsHigh quality but machine made.
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