Islamic Persian Women Praying Chador Sahel


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This Islamic Namaz Chador is suitable for Women. An excellent Persian Style Chador that is suitable for worship or daily use. It is made of high quality fabric. If you are Muslim or have plane to trip to Iran or other Islamic countries, you can have this kind Chador if you wish to visiting the religious places.

  • Length: 170 cm
  • Suitable for: Laidies
  • Material: Plant fibers, Tetron Fabric (Super Soft)
  • Washability: Yes, Both with Washing Machine & By Hand
  • Style: Sleeveless – Persian – Patterned

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Persian Women Praying Chador Sahel

Namaz Chador is one of the daily needs of Muslim women. Iranian Women Namaz Chadors are similar to black Chadors, but they generally have bright and happy colors. Chadors that multiply the pleasure of prayer and worship. Chador is a long cloth and covers women from head to toe. Most Namaz Chadors do not have sleeves and use hand or elastic to hold it. Women use these white and colored Chadors in Iran for prayer and daily work. Women use these white and colored tents in Iran for prayer and daily work. Namaz Chadors are available in different types, Bag-shaped and open in front. For lovers of Islamic clothing, this “Persian Women Praying Chador Sahel” is a great choice. A quality and well-made Chador. In ShopiPersia, we have a collection of Islamic Chadors. We ship worldwide. Wearing a prayer chador with a beautiful color can make praying enjoyable.

Dimensions170 cm
Place of productionIran
MaterialPlant fibers, Tetron Fabric (Super Soft)
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forLadies
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