World of Joy: Children’s Songs Music Album Naser Nazar

Musician: Naser Nazar


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This Persian Music Album is played by Naser Nazar. This Persian music album is tailor-made for young listeners. Whether played on CD players or personal computers, this collection of original songs is set to captivate hearts. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Iranian culture through these locally inspired tunes. Each note transports you to the heart and soul of Iran’s musical traditions, connecting you to the nation’s identity. Feel the spirit of a country resonate within you, and let the melodies tell stories that paint a vivid picture of Iranian life. World of Joy Music Albums offer a transformative experience where you can truly immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Persian children’s music. Order now and let the music of Iran inspire and captivate the imagination of your child!

  • Type: Audio Disc
  • Number of CD/DVD: 1
  • Media type: CD
  • Genre: Children
  • Persian Title: آلبوم موسیقی دنیای شادی – ترانه های کودکانه
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World of Joy: Children’s Songs Music Album

Embark on a Melodic Adventure with our Iranian Music Albums for Kids! Our collection features a delightful array of kids songs, each centered around different themes like nature, jobs, school, travel, and more. These engaging tracks are not only entertaining but also provide a valuable opportunity for your child to learn Persian language and expand their vocabulary. Featuring themes like nature, jobs, school, and travel, our album blends education with entertainment. Nurture language skills and cultural awareness while your child enjoys the enchanting melodies. Our Persian nursery rhymes are thoughtfully crafted to foster a love for language and culture, making learning a fun and immersive experience. From the mesmerizing melodies of nature-inspired tracks to the lively rhythms celebrating various professions, World of Joy Music Album by Naser Nazar ignites curiosity and creativity in young minds. Don’t miss this chance to introduce your child to the magic of Persian children’s music. World of Joy Music Album is the perfect gift for inquisitive young hearts. Give your child the gift of World of Joy Music Album and open the door to a world of musical exploration and language learning. Order now to inspire your child’s imagination!

General Information
Country of origin Iran
Handling time 7 Days
Format Audio Disc
Language(s) Persian (Farsi)
Persian Title آلبوم موسیقی دنیای شادی - ترانه های کودکانه
English Title World of Joy: Children's Songs Music Album
Original title Donyaye Shaadi: Tarane Haye Koodakaneh Music Album
Genre Children
Product Type Audio Disc
Condition New
Musician(s) Naser Nazar
Number of CD/DVD 1
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