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Wood Carving Hand Chisel Set Model HW08


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The 3-piece set of Wood Carving Hand Chisel Model HW08 is a perfect tool for making delicate wood inlays and sculptures.

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Wood Carving Chisel

The art of woodcarving has been known for years and centuries as an exquisite and valuable art and carved structures have been adorning homes for years. Inlaying is done on different surfaces and backgrounds, but the main and most widely used background for inlaying is wood, and the reason is the abundance and availability of wood compared to other materials, as well as the easier formability and flexibility of wood. Chisel is a tool for carving on wood surface and consists of two parts: long blade and handle. The blade has a sharp head and series, which is applied to the end of the handle to use carvings.

Dimensions12x5x3 cm
Place of productionIran
MaterialWood & Metal
Handling time7 Days
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