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See Persian art from a new perspective. Unique canvases or calligraphic Art Paintings or books that introduce you to this art

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Complete the wall of your room or Collection with an Iranian Style Painting. A Unique and 100% Original Collection

Persian Miniature Style Art Paintings

Miniature painting is a special style of Iranian painting that is the embodiment of the artist’s imagination. A unique style that is unique to Iran. Miniature painting is one of the arts that can depict all nature in a small format. Allegorical motifs of birds and animals, along with designs of branches, flowers and leaves and slimy lines, form an important part of the miniature.

Persian Miniature Art | ShopiPersia
Persian Miniature Art | ShopiPersia
Persian Miniature Art | ShopiPersia
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Art is not limited to Painting & Paint

Discover a new world of art in Textile

Persian Arts & Entertainment

Iran is the land of arts. Iranian arts are one of the richest artistic heritages in world history. Arts that date back to more than 4000 years BC. Painting and visual arts are one of the most attractive Persian arts. Arts that take the viewer to an imaginary and heavenly garden. These Arts shaped Iran’s identity. In ShopiPersia, we have a beautiful collection of Iranian visual arts. This collection does not end only with paintings, but works such as textiles. Art Works that are entirely created by Iranian artists and have a high artistic value. Inspirational works taken from the creative minds of Iranians. Art lovers are well aware of the high value of Persian arts. Experience a pleasant and valuable shopping experience with us. We Ship Worldwide.

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