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Watercolor Paint Set of 48 Pans In Wood Box


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Inside the wooden box, there are 48 large watercolor tablets with a plastic pallet and two cardboard for watercolors for watercolor paint samples. Also, There is space for placing a brush inside of box.

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Watercolor is a paint material as well as a painting or design executed with this type of paint material. In the production of watercolors, pigments and a water-soluble adhesive (usually gum arabic) are used. Watercolors are applied with a brush on paper, cardboard, papyrus, and so on. In this respect it differs from many coating dyes in that light shades are obtained by diluting the color of the material rather than by adding white. Many artists, such as Van Dyke, Albrecht Dürer, William Turner, and others, have used watercolors to create their work or to create drafts. Watercolors are available in different types of tubes and tablets.

Place of productionIran
MaterialWooden Box
Handling time7 Days
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