The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel (Farsi)


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“The Psychology of Money” by Morgan Housel, translated into Farsi, is a captivating exploration of the complex relationship between human behavior and financial success. Housel, a seasoned financial writer, delves into the psychological aspects that influence our financial decisions, emphasizing that understanding the intricacies of human behavior is key to achieving long-term financial well-being. In this insightful book, Housel combines real-world anecdotes with psychological principles to unravel the mysteries behind financial choices. He discusses the impact of emotions, biases, and personal experiences on our financial journeys, offering readers valuable insights into developing a healthier and more informed approach to money management. “The Psychology of Money” transcends traditional financial advice, making it an essential read for those seeking a deeper understanding of the human side of finance.

  • Book Cover Type: Paperback
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Genre: Psychology
  • Persian Title: کتاب روان شناسی پول اثر مورگان هاوزل
  • ISBN: 9786227173284
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The Psychology of Money

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General Information
Country of origin Iran
Handling time 7 Days
Weight 400 Gram
Author Morgan Housel
Format Paperback
ISBN 9786227173284
Language(s) Persian (Farsi)
Pages 300
Persian Title کتاب روان شناسی پول اثر مورگان هاوزل
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