The Big Questions by Robert C. Solomon (Farsi)


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“The Big Questions” by Robert C. Solomon is a book that provides an accessible and approachable exploration of philosophy’s central ideas and timeless “big questions.” It covers fundamental philosophical topics such as the self, God, justice, and other meaningful subjects. The book is designed to help readers gain a deeper understanding of foundational philosophical issues and develop the confidence to form informed positions on these significant questions. If “The Big Questions” has been translated into Farsi, it can serve as a valuable resource for Farsi-speaking readers interested in philosophy.

  • Book Cover Type: Hardcover
  • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
  • Genre: History Of Philosophy
  • ISBN: 9786220106043
  • Persian Title: کتاب پرسش های بزرگ فلسفی اثر رابرت سی سولومون و کاتلین م.هیگینز
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The Big Questions Book

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General Information
Country of origin Iran
Handling time 7-10 Days
Weight 800 Gram
Author Robert C. Solomon
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9786220106043
Language(s) Persian (Farsi)
Pages 749
Persian Title کتاب پرسش های بزرگ فلسفی اثر رابرت سی سولومون و کاتلین م.هیگینز
Genre Philosophy
Condition New
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