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Handwoven Sirjan Kilim Rug Model Nava


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This beautiful Persian kilim, woven by hand and with wool, shows the art of Iranian women. Decorate your home with original oriental art. This is a very dramatic Persian kilim, with wonderful colouring and very well spaced ornamentation.

  • Dimensions: 158×103 cm / 5.18’x3.37′ ft
  • Dyeing: Chemical colors
  • Construction: Flat Woven
  • Lint: Wool
  • Place of production: Sirjan

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Sirjan Kilim Rug Model Nava

Placing an Iranian Kilim on the floor can really add stunning beauty to your decoration. Persian Kilim reflects the artistic texture of Iranian nomads and rural women and has high artistic value. The originality of Persian Kilim Rugs dates back to about 2500 years ago and Iranians were among the pioneer weavers of ancient civilizations. There is no one who is not familiar with Iranian Kilim and its value and beauty. Iranian kilims are woven without a pattern and in this respect each is like a work of art. In modern decorations, the use of Flat Woven Iranian Kilims has become very popular. Flat Woven Kilims are mostly woven in villages and small towns. Using an original Persian kilim Rug at home can have a great impact on the beauty of your home decoration. This “Sirjan Kilim Rug Model Nava” with its beautiful pattern is a special work of art. A work derived from Original Iranian art. You can buy the Handwoven & original Persian Kilim Rugs with a guarantee from our store. Buy with confidence & directly from Iran. We Ship Worldwide.

Size1.5 m²
DyeingChemical colors
Dimensions158x103 cm / 5.18'x3.37' ft
Approximate weight4 Kg
Handling time7 Days
Place of productionIran
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