Simurgh & Zal Iranian Mythologies Sculpture


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Zal or Dastan is one of the heroes of Iranian mythology whose name is mentioned in Shahnameh. Zal in Persian means white hair. He is the son of Sam and the father of Rustam. Sam was unhappy that his son was born with white hair (albinism) in the form of a fairy or demon. Therefore, he left him at the foot of Alborz mountain, on which Simorgh had his nest. Simorgh found the baby and took him to his nest and raised him. From now on, Simorgh will be the helper of Zal and his son Rostam until the end of his life.

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Simurgh & Zal

Zāl, alternatively spelled as Zaul, is a legendary Iranian king from Sistan, and is recognized as one of the greatest warriors of the Shahnameh epic. He is the father of the equally legendary Iranian hero, Rostam. Simurgh, also spelled simorgh, simorg, simurg, simoorg, simorq or simourv, is a benevolent, mythical bird in Iranian mythology and literature. It is sometimes equated with other mythological birds such as a “phoenix”. Persian humā.

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