Saffron Crystal Rock Candy On Sticks “Nabat Zard”

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Buy Saffron Crystal Rock Candy On Sticks “Nabat Zard” online at low prices every day from one of Iranian’s largest Sweets Store. Premium quality Persian Sweets and express delivery.

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Nabat – Saffron Rock Candy

Saffron Rock Candy is one of the most popular confections among Iranians and is used to sweeten tea. Nabat or Crystal Rock Candy is a type of confection composed of relatively large sugar crystals. In Iran Crystal Rock Candy known as Nabat and has different types, shapes and flavours. Saffron Rock Candy is a good choice for serving with tea. Sugar and Persian saffron are used to prepare saffron Crystal candy. If you are one of those people who like sweet tea, we suggest you buy saffron crystal candy. Persian Nabat is a good substitute for sugar for tea and other hot drinks. Nabat production is one of the processes that has been common in Iran in the past as a workshop and continues today. Persian Nabat is one of the most famous souvenirs of Iran.

Dimensions29x15x3 cm
Approximate weight400 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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