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Crystal Clear Rock Candy on Stick “Nabat Sefid”

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This Box of Persian Clear Rock Candy Known as Nabat Sefid, is made without any additives and has the real candy taste. A delicious Rock Candy with a great and unique taste & aroma that will surprise you. A great surprise if you serve it in your coffee shop or restaurant. Try it with tea or coffee, it’s amazing.

  • Approximate weight: 280×2 Gram
  • Pack(s): 2 Boxes
  • Form: Rock Candy – Nabat
  • Flavor: Without any Flavor
  • Persian Title: نبات سفید
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Crystal Clear Rock Candy on Stick

Crystal Clear Rock Candy is one of the most popular confections among Iranians and is used to sweeten tea. Crystal Clear Rock Candy which is called Nabat in Iran, produced in different flavors and colors. Colors and flavors that have Iranian roots and are associated with Iranian spices. “Chai Nabat” is perhaps the most popular Iranian hot drink. Nabat tastes better than sugar and is a great choice for serving tea. Perhaps the most famous Rock Candy is “Saffron Rock Candy”, Which the taste of saffron and the sweetness of Rock Candy have made it very popular. If you are interested in Iranian Candies, or are interested in trying a new and unique flavor be sure to try Iranian Nabat. Buy this “Crystal Clear Rock Candy on Stick” and surprise your guests. We have collected all kinds of Iranian Sweets & Candies in ShopiPersia. Experience sweet shopping with us. We ship worldwide

Dimensions13x8x15 cm
Approximate weight280 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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