Persian Yalda Theme Tableware Set 9830098


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This Persian Yalda Celebration Disposable Tableware Set decorates your table beautifully and gives it a magnificent effect. A practical tool that helps to decorate your table better and more beautiful. It is a beautiful set that matches the theme of Yalda, which is beautifully designed by Iranian Artists.

  • Number of Pieces: 72 Pieces
  • Set includes: 10 Disposable plates, 10 Disposable Cups, 10 Disposable Forks, 10 Disposable Knives, 10 Disposable Popcorn Containers, 10 Disposable Spoons, 6 Masks or Crowns, 2 Pomegranate Candles, 6 Balloons and 1 String.
  • Special Occasion: Yalda Night
  • Washability: No
  • Place of Production: Iran

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Yalda Theme Tableware Set 9830098

Yalda and its ceremony are full of memories for all Iranians since ancient times. All family members would gather at the elder’s house at this night. They tell stories together and take fortune telling and enjoy eating nuts, pomegranates, watermelons and snacks from the Yalda table. These days, as the Yalda night is approaching, all Iranian ladies like to make this Iranian custom more memorable by decorating the table for the Yalda night. In ShopiPersia, We have prepared Yalda accessories to help you so that you can have more beautiful table. Our Yalda accessories includes a number of designs that you can wear on your head or give as a gift to your loved ones. This “Persian Yalda Theme Tableware Set 9830098” represent winter and Yalda. This package is suitable for decorating the Yalda night table, to. We Ship Worldwide.

Dimensions30x18x8 cm
Approximate weight500 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forYalda Night
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