TOP Occasional Iranian Accessories

A collection of more than 1000+ Persian Style Accessories. An attractive collection of the best which complement your parties

Complete your Celebrations

No Iranian Celebration & Occasion is complete without Iranian sweets. Some sweets with Iranian decoration and Persian style is all you need. Don’t forget to read Hafez’s fortune

Latest Persian Style Gift Sets

Watches with attractive designs remind you of something special every time you look at it

Decorate in Iranian style

Decorate Your Party Decoration according to Iranian style and surprise the guests

The most beautiful accessories

Choose from our wide range of home accessories. They are beautifully decorated with authentic Iranian art to create a luxury product. No Iranian party is complete without Iranian accessories. Pay attention to details. A Pillow, Tablecloth, Korsi, Samovar and decorative accessories complete your Celebration & Occasion.

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Persian Pillow | ShopiPersia
Persian Samovar | ShopiPersia
Wedding Quran | ShopiPersia
White Wedding Quran
Persian Gift Sets | ShopiPersia
Luxurious Gift Sets
Persian Wedding Chador | ShopiPersia
Wedding Clothes & Chador

Complete Your Gift with a Wooden Box

Persian Celebration & Occasion Supplies

Celebration & Occasion are an important part of our lives. Every country and every culture has its own ceremonies. In Iran, occasions such as Yalda, Nowruz, and Chaharshanbe Suri are among the biggest occasions that all genuine Iranians cherish. These Celebrations have their own style. During Nowruz, Iranians decorate the table specially for Nowruz, and on Yalda night, they wear special clothes for this night and treat the guests with special sweets for this night. The host gives postcards or other gifts to the guests and this is how Iranians respect their guests. In ShopiPersia, we have collected a complete collection of Persian-style Celebration, Party & Occasion supplies. Accessories that are necessary to complete the party style. An Iranian samovar for brewing tea and a set of special clothes. Some sweets and nuts along with stylish gift boxes. Throw your Persian Celebration, Party or Occasion wherever you are in the world. We ship worldwide.

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