Persian Tamboor Tanbur Tanboor Shida


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The body of this Tanbur is made in the shape of wicker and putting pieces of walnut and mulberry wood together.

  • Body:  Mulberry wood
  • Page : Mulberry wood
  • Neck:  Walnut wood
  • Fret:  Animal intestines
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Persian Tanbur

Persian Tanbur or Tanboor is an Instruments with long neck and pear-shaped bowl that is usually made of mulberry wood. Its Bowl made in two forms, one-piece bowl which has been common since ancient times and several pieces (wickers) that have been made in imitation of Setar bowl in recent decades. The length of this instrument is between 70 to 80 cm and it has three strings. In ancient times, according to Farabi, one or two main strings were used, which is now common in the form of three strings.

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