Buy Persian Tanbur Instrument at the Best Price at ShopiPersia. Tanbur or Tanboor is an instrument that has long necks and pear-shaped bowls. Persian Tanbur usually made of mulberry wood. The length of Tanbur Instrument is between 70 to 80 cm and it has three strings. Tanboor “Tanbour” is played with four fingers of the right hand without the use of artificial Mezrab. Tanboor “Tanbour” is one of the oldest instruments in Iran that has a mystical aspect. The sound of Persian Tanboor Instrument will surprise you. In ShopiPersia, we have collected all kinds of Persian instruments such as Tanboor for Sale.  All of our Tanboor Instruments are hand-made and constructed by masters. You can always see various models through our Music Store and buy with confidence. We believe you can find & Buy the right Persian Tanbur you would like to play at the best price in our store.

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