Persian Laptop Skin & Keyboard Sticker Model Eshgh


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This product made of waterproof adhesive backing paper and will not damage the keyboard and laptop. To separate it, just use the hot air of the hair dryer.

  • High Quality Stickers for any Computer, Desktop, Laptop, Notebook Keyboards
  • Easy to Apply! Best way to Learn a Language
  • Perfect for Communication, Education, Learning a New Language, or Great Gifts!

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Some keyboards (especially laptops) do not have Persian letters or for some reason the letters on their keyboard buttons have disappeared over time and use it. Label keyboard Sticker is a good choice for this group of keyboards to take on its beautiful shape again. This Persian Language Sticker has letters with a very long life time and reasonable price, which eliminates the need for you to change the keyboard. Also, the very good adhesion of this Sticker will not leave any stains on your keyboard if you change the Stickers.

Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Suitable for15.6 Inch Laptop
Other Details- 15.6-inch laptops are different in terms of length and width, before placing an order, pay attention to the length and width of your device.
- This product has a laminate layer that makes the paint last and does not change color when loaded with detergents or solvents such as acetone, alcohol, etc.
- This sticker acts as a protector and prevents scratches and scratches on your laptop. It also leaves no trace of glue on your laptop when removed
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