Persian Design Mouse Pad Model Tradition


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This Mouse Pad is decorated with Persian Calligraphy Poem pattern which gives a stunning beauty to your desk. This Mouse Pad is not only a mouse pad, but also a symbol of the attitude of life. Drinking a cup of coffee, with the mouse sliding on a Unique Mouse Pad. Let’s enjoy the moment.

  • Dimensions: 25x26x1 cm
  • Material: Silicon
  • Pattern: Traditional
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Approximate weight: 70 Gram

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Persian Design Mouse Pad Model Tradition

Mouse pads are one of the tools that help the mouse work accurately. They increase the accuracy of mouse tracking by having a smooth surface and also help the health of your wrist. For Professional computer users and gamers who deal with the mouse for many hours, mouse pads are one of the duties of your desk. Also, mouse pads can prevent the scratches that occur due to the movement of the mouse on your desk. Due to the importance of mousepads, graphic designers have created wonderful designs and have introduced art in this field. Designs that, in addition to enhancing the beauty of your table, create a relaxing feeling for you. Mouse Pads come in different sizes and shapes, but this “Persian Design Mouse Pad Model Tradition” has a high standard of construction in addition to its beautiful design. We have collected the most beautiful and high-quality mouse pads with extraordinary designs in ShopiPersia. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions25x26x1 cm
Approximate weight70 Gram
Handling time7 Days
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