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KhatamKari Wooden Pen & Pencil Case Model Dina


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This Wooden Khatam Pen & Pencil Case is a good choice to have a stylish and magnificent table. With its beautiful design, it suits every taste and attracts the eyes of every viewer. Classic or modern, your table will be attractive with oriental-Iranian art. A beautiful holder that increases the beauty and artistic value of your table.

  • Dimensions: 6x21x4 cm
  • Place of production: Isfahan
  • Material: Wood
  • Suitable: Pen & Pencil
  • Style: Khatamkari

Wooden Pen & Pencil Case Model Dina

The arrangement of desk accessories is very important and their orderliness and beauty is effective in creating a relaxing atmosphere. To have a stylish table, organizers are among the essential accessories, of which Pen & Pencil Case are one of them. Our Persian Style Pen & Pencil Case, with their beautiful and attractive designs, give your table a new look. Khatam kari Cases In addition to being used to hold pens, with their beautiful and attractive design, can also be used as decoration. Elegantly crafted to be luxurious. Pencil Cases that carry Iran’s artistic authenticity with them and show your attention and artistic taste. Persian Khatam Kari is one of the most difficult and complex handicrafts, and its production and manufacture requires care and patience. This “Wooden Pen & Pencil Case Model Dina” gives your table a stylish and original look. In ShopiPersia, we have collected the most beautiful table accessories. Accessories that you can use to give your work table a stylish look. We Ship Worldwide.

Dimensions6x21x4 cm
Approximate weight180 Gram
Place of productionIsfahan
Handling time7 Days
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