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Persian Decorative Mil Clubs (Meel Cubes)


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Carving is one of the Iranian handicrafts on wood, which is done to beautify wood. This Persian Decorative Mil Clubs (Meel Cubes) is one of the handicrafts of Iranian artists which has a unique beauty.

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Persian Meel Cubes

Zurkhaneh sports are another name of ancient Iranian sports. Athletes in Zurkhaneh each take a pair of meel cubes and first Miandar compliments each athlete to accept Miandari and if someone does not accept, the same Miandar puts the meel cubes on his shoulder and the others follow him and start beating the leader. Gaining Meel Cubes is the practice of using a wand and getting trained.
Dimensions2.5x2.5x10 cm
Place of productionShiraz
Handling time7 Days
Other Details• Observing the fit of all sample sizes made by modeling the real sample
• Elegant and durable
• Suitable for decorating
• Integrity in construction
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