Omens of Hafez / Fal-e Hafez (Persian – English)


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These three-volume collections of Fal-e Hafez, which includes the books of Fal-e Hafez (1), Fal-e Hafez (2) and Fal-e Hafez (3) are presented in a special frame. Each volume contains 54 of lyric poems from Hafez’s Divan is a card that has been presented with the interpretation of Dr. Nizamuddin Nouri’s orthography and the calligraphy of Master Abbas Akhvin and the paintings of Master Mahmoud Farshchian. Volume (1) also has an English translation.

  • Hardcover (Artificial leather) with Frame
  • Folio: Pocket Edition
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Omens of Hafez

Omens of Hafez or Fal-e Hafez has long had a special place and status among Iranians and based on tradition, Iranian people open and read the Divan of Hafez in various ceremonies such as Eid Nowruz or Yalda night and fortune-telling with it. This is done by family elders or people who are familiar with Hafez’s lyric poems and have the ability to interpret the poems. Hafez Shirazi was born some six hundred years ago in southern Iran, but his poems have universal and contemporary appeal. Wherever Persian is known, he is easily recited by both king and common man. Those uncertain about matters of love, fortune, or any other situation open a page of his collection of poems at random and in it see their dilemmas untangled. His turns of phrase have enriched the Persian lexicon and entered everyday language; this has made him Persian culture’s most read, quoted, and revered figure. Reza Ordoubadian’s translations make the poems of Hafez accessible to the English language reader, while remaining faithful to the nuances of Hafez’s language and thought in the original Persian.

Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Book Cover TypeHardcover (Artificial leather) with Frame
Suitable forAdults
Language(s)Persian & English
Weight1500 Gram
FolioPocket Edition
Other DetailsOnly Volume (1) has an English translation
Persian Titleفال حافظ
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