Muslim Copper Bracelet Model Prophet Muhammad


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This Persian Copper Bracelet decorated with the name of Prophet Muhammad and made of Copper. Wearing copper reduce the pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis. Magnetic metals also appear to increase blood circulation and reduce the severity of pain.

Persian Jewelry

Jewelries with Iranian designs gives you a stunning beauty because such designs are unique and similar to them can hardly be found. This type of jewelries has recently found a lot of fans in the world of fashion. Also, if you are Iranian and live outside of Iran, having jewelries with Iranian symbols and designs can be a reminder of your good memories. The Achaemenid Empire, also called the First Persian Empire, was an ancient Iranian empire that was based in Western Asia and founded by the king Cyrus the Great. The empire reached its greatest extent under king Xerxes I, who conquered most of Northern and Central Greece, including Athens, in 480 BC.

Dimensions7×0.2×1.7 cm
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Bracelet specifications
Weight20 Gram
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