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Trestle For Persian Azeri Kamancheh NOR32


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Trestle is a device to put Kamancheh on foot or desk when playing. The quality of the Trestle is very important because it prevents the instrument from moving during playing and causes more control over the instrument, and on the other hand, its comfortable placement on the foot is very important.

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Persian Kamancheh

Persian Kamancheh (Kamanche or Kamancha) is a highly esteemed instrument of Persian music. It captures the listeners with its moving sound. Persian Kamancheh is used for light music (motrebi) and it is the only bowed string instrument in the classical tradition of Iran. It produces a soft, beautiful timbre and due to their technical possibilities, they can be used as a solo and also an ensemble instrument. Kamancheh is a spike fiddle with a solid bowl made of walnut or maple. There are four strings on it, namely E, A, D and G.

Dimensions140 x 100 x 25 mm
Handling time10 Days
MakerNoor Ali-Zade
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