Muntahi al-Amal by Abbas Qomi (Farsi Edition)


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The Book “مُنْتَهَى ألآمال فی تَواريخِ ألنَّبی وَ ألْآل” is a Persian book about the life of the fourteen Imams by Sheikh Abbas Qomi, a Shia scholar of the fourteenth century. In this book, the author has spoken in detail about the lives of fourteen innocent people, using numerous sources.

Abbas Qomi

Sheikh Abbas Qomi is known as the narrator of Qomi (1359-1294 AH equal to 1254-1319), he is one of the most prolific Shia narrators of the fourteenth century AH and the compiler of the book Mafatiha al-Jannan. His most famous book, Mafatiha al-Jannan, is a selection of prayers and deeds that have been quoted from the Prophet of Islam and the Shiite Imams in various books of hadith, and Qomi has categorized them thematically. Sheikh Abbas Qomi was born in Qom in 1294 AH (1254 AH). At the age of twenty-two he went to Najaf and stayed there for six years. After that, he returned to Iran and studied and taught in Qom until the end of his life, that is, until he was sixty-five years old.

Book Cover TypeHardcover
Suitable forAll age groups
Language(s)Persian (Farsi)
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AuthorAbbas Qomi
Persian Titleکتاب منتهی الآمال اثر شیخ عباس قمی
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