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Mi Mi Ni Poshte Parde Seke Peyda Karde Book


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Introducing the delightful “Mi Mi Ni” series by the talented author Naser Keshavarz. Dive into a world of enchanting poetry and whimsical adventures with the lovable baby monkey, Mi Mi Ni. In this charming series, Naser Keshavarz takes young readers on a poetic journey filled with the wonder and imagination that only a child’s heart can fully appreciate. Each book is a treasure trove of playful rhymes and captivating tales, starring the adorable Mi Mi Ni. Through the pages of “Mi Mi Ni,” children will be transported to a world where curiosity knows no bounds, and every day is a new opportunity for exploration and discovery. These delightful poems not only entertain but also inspire creativity, curiosity, and a love for language.

  • Format: Paperback
  • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
  • Age Group / Grade Level: 3-7 Years Old
  • ISBN: 9789643691127
  • Persian Title: کتاب می می نی پشت پرده یه سکه پیدا کرده اثر ناصر کشاورز
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Mi Mi Ni Poshte Parde Seke Peyda Karde Book

Introducing the captivating “Mi Mi Ni” book series by the talented author Naser Keshavarz. Dive into a world of imagination, adventure, and valuable life lessons through these beautifully crafted stories. In this enchanting series, readers of all ages will embark on thrilling journeys alongside unforgettable characters. Each book is a portal to a unique universe, filled with mysteries waiting to be unraveled and lessons waiting to be learned. Naser Keshavarz weaves tales that are not only entertaining but also educational. Through the pages of “Mi Mi Ni,” readers will discover the importance of friendship, courage, and kindness. These books are not just stories; they are guides to building character and instilling valuable values in young minds. With vibrant storytelling and rich narratives, “Mi Mi Ni” captures the hearts of readers, transporting them to magical realms where anything is possible. Whether you’re looking for captivating bedtime stories for your children or timeless tales to enjoy on your own, this series has something to offer everyone. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the world of “Mi Mi Ni” by Naser Keshavarz. These books are more than just stories; they are a gateway to a world of wonder and wisdom. Start your adventure today and let your imagination soar with “Mi Mi Ni.”

General Information
Country of origin Iran
Handling time 7-10 Days
Age Group / Grade Level 3-7 Years Old
Author Naser Keshavarz
Format Paperback
ISBN 9789643691127
Language(s) Persian (Farsi)
Persian Title کتاب می می نی پشت پرده یه سکه پیدا کرده اثر ناصر کشاورز
English Title Mi Mi Ni has found a coin behind the curtain Book by Naser Keshavarz
Genre Kids Poetry
Condition New
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