Manet and the Object of Painting by Michel Foucault


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This book is written by Michel Foucault and was first published in 1971. In this confrontation between one of the best minds of the 20th century and an extremely influential artist in the formation of modern art, the French philosopher Michel Foucault analyzes and examines the importance of Edouard Manet in changing the conventional values in the art of painting. This powerful criticism is presented to the audience in the form of an annotated treatment of thirteen Manet paintings.

  • Book Cover Type: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9786009658251
  • Language(s): Persian (Farsi)
  • Persian Title: کتاب مانه و ابژه ‌ی نقاشی اثر میشل فوکو

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Manet and the Object of Painting

Paul-Michel Foucault (15 October 1926 – 25 June 1984) was a French philosopher, historian of ideas, writer, political activist, and literary critic. Foucault’s theories primarily address the relationship between power and knowledge, and how they are used as a form of social control through societal institutions. Though often cited as a structuralist and postmodernist, Foucault rejected these labels. His thought has influenced academics, especially those working in communication studies, anthropology, psychology, sociology, criminology, cultural studies, literary theory, feminism, Marxism and critical theory. Born in Poitiers, France, into an upper-middle-class family, Foucault was educated at the Lycée Henri-IV, at the École Normale Supérieure, where he developed an interest in philosophy and came under the influence of his tutors Jean Hyppolite and Louis Althusser, and at the University of Paris (Sorbonne), where he earned degrees in philosophy and psychology. After several years as a cultural diplomat abroad, he returned to France and published his first major book, The History of Madness (1961).

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Book Cover TypePaperback
Suitable forAdults
Language(s)Persian (Farsi)
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AuthorMichel Foucault
Persian Titleکتاب مانه و ابژه ‌ی نقاشی اثر میشل فوکو
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