Maharat Baraye Hameh: Vol. 3 by Zahra Mousavi


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Introducing “Maharat Baraye Hameh: Vol. 3” by Zahra Mousavi, an insightful addition to the series dedicated to educating and empowering children by imparting essential life skills, guiding them through various social situations, and helping them understand complex emotions. In this particular volume, young readers embark on a courageous journey to explore the concept of fear. “Maharat Baraye Hameh: Vol. 3” is a valuable resource for children to learn about fear and how to manage it effectively. Through engaging storytelling and interactive coloring activities, this book offers essential lessons on understanding and overcoming fear.

  • Book Cover Type: Paperback
  • Age Group: 6-8 Years
  • Genre: Poetry
  • ISBN: 9786225739000
  • Persian Title: کتاب ترس برای همه است اثر زهرا موسوی
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Maharat Baraye Hameh: Vol. 3

Introducing the captivating “Maharat Baraye Hameh” book series by the talented author Zahra Mousavi! These unique Farsi-language books are designed to empower and educate children by imparting essential life skills, navigating social situations, and understanding their own feelings, all while enjoying the creative act of coloring. In this delightful series, children embark on an enriching journey through the world of skill-building and emotional intelligence. Each book combines engaging narratives that tackle various life skills and social scenarios, complemented by interactive coloring activities. These books cover a wide range of topics, ensuring that young readers develop the practical knowledge and emotional intelligence needed for personal growth. Zahra Mousavi’s masterful storytelling and relatable characters make complex life lessons easily understandable for children. The coloring element not only enhances creativity but also reinforces the learning experience by providing a hands-on way to engage with the material “Maharat Baraye Hameh” is more than just a series of books; it’s a valuable tool for nurturing well-rounded individuals who are equipped to handle life’s challenges with confidence. These books foster emotional intelligence, social competence, and essential life skills in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

General Information
Country of origin Iran
Handling time 7 Days
Weight 300 Gram
Age Group / Grade Level 6-8 Years
Author Zahra Mousavi
Format Paperback
ISBN 9786225739000
Language(s) Persian (Farsi)
Pages 12
Persian Title کتاب ترس برای همه است اثر زهرا موسوی
Genre Poetry
Suitable for Kids
Condition New
Series Maharat Baraye Hameh
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