Luxury Khatamkari Wooden Quran Box Model Ali


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This Box is a truly unique Wooden Quran Box handmade from the finest wood by skilled Iranian artisans. It is a perfect Islamic Gift for yourself or your loved ones for Ramadan, Eid, Wedding, and all occasions. Iranian artists have made this box using the Khatamkari art, which has a high artistic value.

  • Outer Dimensions: 35x25x10 cm
  • Inner Dimensions: 31x22x5 cm
  • Material: Wood
  • Place of production: Isfahan
  • Style: Khatamkari

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Khatamkari Wooden Quran Box Model Ali

The Quran is the most sacred divine book for Muslims, which is of great value. The high value of this book for Muslims has made them not touch it without ablution. Muslim artists have always tried to bind this divine book in the most beautiful way. Fragrant and luxurious books that are beautifully decorated to suit different events. Due to the high spiritual value of the Quran, it is necessary to keep it in a suitable frame or box. Iranian artists have made beautiful, luxurious and luxurious boxes using authentic Iranian art. These boxes, which are generally wooden, are suitable for the Quran and if you care about luxury and decoration, these boxes are suitable for you. Placing these boxes on the bookshelf or on the table can create a beautiful effect. This beautiful “Khatamkari Wooden Quran Box Model Ali” is one of the most beautiful boxes. In ShopiPersia, we have collected a beautiful collection of boxes that are suitable for the Quran. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions35x25x10 cm
Approximate weight1955 Gram
Place of productionIran, Isfahan
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forQuran & Books
Other Details- Inner Dimensions: 31x22x5 cm
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