Hirz of Abu Dujana Taweez on Special Paper


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Hirz of Abu Dujana is one of the best Islamic Taweez, which is highly recommended to read and carry with you. Carrying this Taweez and appealing to the Imam solves problems and eliminates debt. God protects the person from evil & evil eyes and opens the doors of heaven for him. If you are afraid or have nightmares in your sleep, put this taweez under your pillow

  • Type: Handwritten on Special Paper
  • Properties: Staying safe from evil eyes, eliminating nightmares, eliminating anger, etc
  • Paper Type: Special Paper of Taweez
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Persian Title: دعای حرز ابی دجانه

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Hirz of Abu Dujana Taweez

Hirz of Abu Dujana is one of the Islamic taweez that is highly recommended to read and carry with you. Muslims, especially Shiites, always have Islamic taweez with them. By writing this taweez on a special paper, Muslims always carry it with them to avoid evil. Muslims can read these tweezers and pray anywhere and anytime. Having these cards makes you always remember God and enjoy the spiritual properties of having these tweets with you. Tweezers that heal calamities and evil eyes and help you to enjoy divine grace in the face of adversity. Praying is one of the best acts of worship that brings one closer to God. Although praying has many effects, the reader of the prayer and the Shiites recite the prayer with the intention of approaching God and this effect causes their forgiveness. ShopiPersia is the largest website that sells Islamic religious supplies. Our store is located in a Muslim country, so we have tried to collect all Islamic taweezs. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions5x8 cm
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Persian Titleدعای حرز ابی دجانه
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