Khamseh Shah Tahmasebi by Nizami Ganjavi


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The book Khamseh Nezami Shah Tahmasebi by Shah Mahmoud Neyshabouri (Zarrin Qalam) is the best royal calligraphy of Shah Tahmasb Safavid, which was arranged by Iranian calligraphy and painting masters such as Mirk Isfahani, Mirza Ali, Mishid Ali, Mozaffar Ali and Mohammad Zaman. It has become one of the most exquisite manuscript books in Iran, such as Shah Tahmasebi’s Shahnameh.

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This book is one of the most important manuscripts written and illustrated by Khamseh Nezami in the history of Iranian art. This version, which completely includes all 5 Masnavi of Nezami Ganjavi, has 810 pages, 800 types of poems and 17 drawings, including the famous painting of the Ascension of the Prophet (PBUH) by Sultan Mohammad, which is unique in its kind. The date of writing of the book is Khamseh Nezami 946 AH and one of the remarkable features of the book is its unique captions and decorating the margins of the pages with gilded plant and animal motifs, which has a long history in the history of Iranian art and has reached its peak in this book. Is. The refinements, tables and headlines of this version have a special elegance and glory.

Differences between Khamseh Shah Tahmasebi and Shahnameh Tahmasebi:
Khamseh Tahmasebi has 14 drawings and then 3 drawings have been added to it; But Tahmasebi Shahnameh has more than 200 drawings. Another difference between the two is that all five pages are giraffes. Usually, mourning is shown with deer hunting parties, etc., but in Khamseh mourning we have a kind of zoology; That is, we see all kinds of animals and birds in it, and that is why Khamseh is exceptional. The most prestigious artists of the Safavid period participated in the creation of this work.

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Persian Titleخمسه نظامي شاه طهماسبي
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