Hossein Tehrani Zarbi-Singing Music Album By Hossein Tehrani


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Listening to original and traditional Iranian songs can fascinate the heart of any listener. This Music Album sung by Hossein Tehrani.

Hossein Tehrani

Hossein Tehrāni (1912 – February 26, 1974) was an Iranian musician and tonbak player. He is regarded as an innovator, expanding the modern tonbak into an instrument that can be played solo, in addition to its earlier role as an accompaniment instrument. Tehrani added to the instrument’s possibilities with added “beating methods” and played his instrument with different “sonorities.” He was born in Tehran, Iran. At an early age he was going to Zurkhaneh (an Iranian gymnasium) and was impressed by the big clay vase covered on open bottom with skin called Zarb- Zurkhaneh. At age if 13 Hossein found a similar type of Zarb Zurkhaneh in a smaller size which was called tonbak and began practicing by himself. In 1928 Hossein Tehrani became interested in studying music professionally, and took private lessons from music master and kamancheh player Hossein Khan Esmail-Zadeh. Hossein was keen to observe different tonbak playing styles so he attended the music classes of master tonbak players such as Reza Ravanbakhsh and Kangarlo. He wanted to learn more about Iranian traditional music, and therefore formed a relationship with the great music master and multi-instrumentalist Abolhasan Saba, from whom he learnt music theory and different aspects of Iranian traditional music.

Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forAdults
Language(s)Persian (Farsi)
Number of CD/DVD1
MusiciansHossein Tehrani
Persian Titleآلبوم موسیقی ضربی خوانی های حسین تهرانی اثر حسین تهرانی
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