The best media and artistic works in ShopiPersia

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Maryam Moghadas | ShopiPersia
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Emam Ali | ShopiPersia
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The best media and artistic works in ShopiPersia

The Best Iranian Musics

Buy original Iranian music albums directly from Iran. A collection of thousands of music albums. A collection of the most outstanding works. Performed in different styles with different instruments. A unique style derived from authentic Iranian culture that has its fans all over the world. Very catchy and attractive that will fascinate you.

For those who are interested in Persian Media Art

See Persian art from a new perspective. A unique & complete collection of movies & series, original music albums & theater shows

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Media & Entertainment

Media art is one of the artistic developments that emerged from the heart of contemporary arts. This art has different branches, each of which is divided into sub-branches. In fact, media art itself is a new and special style of art that was able to attract many people. This art generally communicates with auditory or visual senses. We humans have been familiar with this art since childhood. In fact, animations and films for children are branches of this art. This art in every country and region has its own style. In ShopiPersia, we have a collection of media works of Iranian artists. A collection of music, movies and series and various works such as theater shows. Fans of Iranian media art can find everything they need in our collection. Open a window of new and different art. An art that comes from the culture and origin of a nation. We ship worldwide.

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