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High Quality Natural Skin For Tar Instrument


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According to most masters of tar, lamb skin is the best case for tar instrument and is not comparable to other skins in terms of sound clarity and volume. The main problem of natural skin is the effect of moisture on these skin and causes the skin to stretch, which requires special care in wet areas.

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Persian Tar

Tar is an Iranian long-necked, waisted lute family instrument, shared by many cultures and countries including Iran, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan and others near the Caucasus and Central Asia regions. The older and more complete name of the tār is čāhārtār or čārtār, meaning in Persian “four string”. This is in accordance with a practice common in Persian-speaking areas of distinguishing lutes on the basis of the number of strings originally employed. Beside the čārtār, these include the dotār ,setār, pančtār, and šaštār or šeštār. It was revised into its current sound range in the 18th century and has since remained one of the most important musical instruments in Iran and the Caucasus, particularly in Persian classical music, and the favoured instrument for radifs.

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