Hajji Firuz Statues (2x)


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Haji Firooz is one of the famous symbols of ancient Iran. During Nowruz, we see him with a specific shape and image in different places, which heralds the coming of spring by reciting special poems and playing the tonbak. These Haji Firooz statues, in addition to the beauty of the Haftsin, are a suitable gift for your loved ones.

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Hajji Firuz Fictional character

Hajji Firuz or Khwaja Piruz is a fictional character in Iranian folklore who appears in the streets by the beginning of Nowruz. His face is covered in soot, and he is clad in bright red clothes and a felt hat. He dances through the streets while singing and playing a tambourine. In the traditional songs, he introduces himself as a serf trying to cheer people whom he refers to as his lords. According to some sources, Hajji Firuz is based on a tradition called Mir Nowruzi. Mir Nowruz was a comical figure chosen to rule the municipality for “the last five days of the year” (Panje). The temporary “five-day king” (Šāh e Panj Ruze) would often parade the city with a group of singers and dancers for the Nowruz celebrations.

Dimensions8x5x3 cm
Approximate weight300 Gram
Place of productionIran
MaterialWood & Modelling Clay‎
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