Dutar Dotar Instrument Bakhshandeh Model Zinat21


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  • Body:  Mulberry wood
  • Page : Walnut wood
  • Neck:  Walnut wood
  • Fret: Polymer fibers
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Dutar Instrument

An interesting long-necked lute of Iran is dutar which means “two strings”. The manner of playing dotar is different than the other lutes, the strings are struck with the fingers of the right hand. Most dotars has 14 frets aligned chromatically, but in Eastern Khorasan three-quarter-tone intervals are used as well. The bowls of the dotars in our catalogue are made of mulberry, the necks are made of walnut wood. We provide you with unique, high-quality dotars. They are all hand-made, constructed by makers who have mastered their craft.

Dimensions81 cm
Place of productionIran
MaterialMulberry & Walnut wood
Handling time10 Days
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