Cerita Eyebrow Vitalize+ Serum (x4)


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This Eyebrow vitalize+ Serum contains specialized ingredients to strengthen eyebrows, increase the thickness of eyebrows, re-grow eyebrows and prevent eyebrow hair loss, moisturizing and preventing dryness and brittleness of eyebrows. Suitable for colored, modified, tattooed and shaved eyebrows. It is suitable for both women and men.

  • Volume: 10 ml
  • Formulation: Serum
  • Body Area: Eyebrows
  • Brand: Cerita
  • Type: Daily Use

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Cerita Eyebrow Vitalize+ Serum

Eyebrows play key roles in facial formation. Beautiful and bushy eyebrows are the symbol of the beauty of face, especially the eyes. Beautiful eyebrows could show the completely different shapes of eye. On the other hand, many reasons such as genetics, aging, and diseases cause eyebrows to fall, and in these cases. Cerita eyebrow revitalizing serum is able to strengthen and thicken eyebrows. This product contains bimatoprost, which increases the thickness of eyebrows and regrowth of shed hairs. The presence of rosemary and castor plant extracts in this serum will increase blood supply to the eyebrow roots. “Cerita Eyebrow vitalize+ Serum” as a new and advanced formulation boosts eyebrow, and inhibits the loss of eyebrows, stimulate re-growth, and make eyebrows thicker.

Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forVitalizing Eyebrow
Volume10 ml
Other Details- Ingredients:
Dihydroxypropyl Didehydrolatanoprostamide
Castor Oil

- Direction for use:
First, clean eyebrow and massage it well with {Eyebrow vitalize + }Serum. Use serum two times daily (morning and night).
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