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  • High Quality White Alum (Zaj) - 1500 Kg

    High Quality White Alum (Zaj) – 1500 Kg

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    Alum is one of the spices of traditional medicine that is anti-infection. Alum has compounds that are very useful in killing bacteria. Sweating is due to the presence of bacteria in that area. For example, this is why underarm odor occurs. You can make a natural deodorant by dissolving a little white alum in water and apply it under your armpits after bathing. This way you will see that the armpit does not smell. In the composition of many face and body masks, alum is usually used as a peeler and skin cleanser. Infections and sores are sometimes seen on the genitals, which are accompanied by burning and itching. Sometimes home methods are used by people. Alum has the ability to cure infections and bacteria and kill them. Because bacteria are usually caused by moisture and wetness in the genital area, the use of white alum prevents moisture and cold.

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